Chris Chambers, Groomsman

Chris and Jessica have been close friends since high school, but his relationship with Jesse goes back even further, to their days as arch foes on the Spelling Bee circuit. In sixth grade, he and Jesse faced off at the district-level spelling bee, having both bested the field at their respective schools. Chris impressed the crowd
(including Jesse's mom) with his sharp sense of style by being the only competitor in a suit.

Jessica and Chris met each other on friendlier ground at Central High School and quickly became fast friends. Their friendship remained intact even as they left for rival colleges, with Chris adopting Minnesota's hated (by Jessica's alma mater, UW-Madison) maroon and gold. Despite her Badger affiliation, Jessica kept in touch with Chris as he worked toward his Business degree. Jesse's reunion with Chris during this time was marked by a complete lack of spelling-related feuding. Chris graduated from the "U" in May of 2002 and took a job in the Purchasing department at a Minneapolis toy company.