Chelsea Murphy, Bridesmaid

Chels was yet another "Hoyt Hunny." This mermaid with legs joined the Hoyt House via a water polo teammate connection. She quickly dived into the center of the Hoyt Hunny social life and was often seen out-dancing many a fast-footed fella.

She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in nursing. Chelsea now works at the University Hospital. It was a stroke of sheer genius to put Chelsea in the cardiothoracic ICU, as her smile has been know to cause heart palpitations.

Chels was always one of the most easy-going people in the house. A favorite story about her relaxed nature concerns a bat that had managed to slip into the Hoyt Hunny house. This bat had sent several roommates screaming back to their bedrooms over the course of a night. By the morning, someone got the wise idea to get Chelsea. These roommates (who shall go unnamed) raced to Chels' room, slammed the door, and excitedly yelled, "There's a bat in the house!"

"Oh," Chelsea calmly replied. Donning a towel on her head, Chels gently trapped the hissing bat in a container and released him back into the wild.

(Special note to Chelsea: I thought you would think it was funny if I wrote that you had graduated in "(naughty) nursing," but Jesse thought it was inappropriate, which it is).

Circle Pines, MN

May 16, 1980

How do you know Jesse and Jessica?
I met Jesse because he was lucky enough to fall in love with a fellow Hoyt Hunny

RN -- cardiothoracic ICU

One adjective that describes you:

An interesting fact or funny story about you:
I'm not afraid of bats

An interesting fact or funny story about Jesse and/or Jessica:
Spring Break, 2002: Erika, Chelsea and Jessica decide to take a swim in the ocean. Things were going great until something attacked Erika, who screamed and pulled at Chelsea, then started to swim to shore -- totally forgetting poor Jessica in the panic. Luckily, she was as frightened as the rest and followed us. What were we running from? Seaweed!