Brenna McNeil-Leier, Maid of Honor

Brenna is Jessica's younger sister and her maid of honor. Despite the habit of keeping worms in her pockets as a child, Brenna has grown up to be a refined young lady. She attends St. Katherine's College in St. Paul, where she is working towards her nursing degree (with a minor in revelry). Brenna lives in St. Paul with her gentleman friend, Eli Gray, their cat (Dolomite), and two dogs (Motley and Nyla).

Brenna's elegance and grace will be noted by many on the day of the wedding, and this is at is should be. For most of her life, she has been dedicated to projecting an air of femininity and quiet sophistication. As a child, she declined to participate in tee ball when she discovered that she was not allowed to bring her purse onto the field. Like all great women, though, Brenna's exercise of these values can bend in a more playful direction, such as when she helped her brother Mike put lipstick on a Junebug and chase Jessica around the house making kissing noises. The bride and groom are hopeful that this event will not be repeated on the wedding day.