Don's Raspberry Patch:
This is Jessica's grandpa's old pick-your-own patch. He passed away this winter, but her sister and brother are going to run the patch this summer. It is the last remaining piece of the original Leier farmstead. The patch is open weekday mornings. However, it will be closed for the few days preceding the wedding. E-mail us at rsvp@thegrittners.com if you'll be in the area and would like directions.

Wabasha Street Caves
215 Wabasha St S, St Paul, MN 55107
Phone: (651) 224-1191
This is a dance club built in a cave. There is swing dancing there on Thursday nights. The cover is $7.00, and there are free (well, $7.00) lessons starting at 6:15 PM.

Minnesota History Center Museum
This is a great place for those of you with younger children. It's free and child-centered. There is a recording studio with working microphones (and soundproof glass, thank heavens), a grain elevator that's a jungle-gym/maze, and other fun, interactive things. This place was a favorite field trip for both the kids and the adults, when Jessica was a camp counselor for the University of Minnesota.

Chino Latino
Chino Latino is an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant. The atmosphere is loud and swanky. There is often a long line for the host station, but it is a fairly large place with lots of tables (i.e. fast turn-over), and Jesse and I think it is worth the wait. It is located in Uptown - which has many other attractions, such as the Minneapolis Art Institute and Comedy Sports.

Mickey's Diner
Mickey's…has a lot of character. It's a real 1950's diner that looks like a dining car. It is a St. Paul historical landmark and a Steve Leier favorite (the cooking staff knows him by name). The food is of the "greasy spoon" variety, and you will find yourself mixing with nostalgic, upper-middle class St. Paulites as well as shady people wandering over from the local detox. center.
Here is a link to a poem about the diner: http://cal.csusb.edu/PacificReview/PR1999/mickeysdiner.htm
And here's a beautiful black and white photo of the diner: http://www.como.stpaul.k12.mn.us/MAC/CLASSES/ART/P-Mickey's_Diner.html

Car Show on Kellogg
Saturday evenings, people bring their classic cars down to Kellogg. From the Landmark Center's front door, you walk two blocks straight ahead and you'll see them. If you're early to the ceremony or want some fresh air during the cocktail hour, wander on down!

Prairie Home Companion

Mall of America
You are most likely familiar with this mall. If you have never been there, don't go there expecting it to be "better" than any mall you've ever been to, mostly it's just bigger. Having said that, Jessica does love this mall, and bigger sometimes is better. It will have all of your favorite stores (everything from Old Navy to Banana Republic to Crabtree & Evelyn) and those stores will be bigger than the ones you have been in (which does mean that they often carry a larger variety of merchandise). There is also a Jillian's (it's like an arcade for adults) and a movie theatre. Many of the "attractions" are a waste of money if you're older than 13 but the Mystery Miner Ride is pretty fun.

Cheesecake Factory
This particular Cheesecake Factory is not one that the two of us frequented, but we did go to the one in Boston several times (Jesse would have eaten there every night if he could have). It has a huge menu, several pages long, with burgers, pasta, steak…a little bit of everything. Plus, they have great cheesecake, of course. Of the twenty-some cheesecake varieties, Jessica suggests trying the key lime cheesecake. If you do decide to go there for dinner, go early (like 5:00) or expect at least an hour wait - you can always go shopping at the mall it's attached to.