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You can't live in New England without eventually making the trek to Newport, Rhode Island, for a chance to breathe the fresh ocean air and gape at the sheer ostentation of the mansions (known locally as "cottages") built by many of the robber barons at the turn of the twentieth century. Jessica and I visited on a cold, drizzly day in October 2005.

We started our day at a local institution, Flo's Clam Shack, known for its huge portions and fresh seafood.

Mmm, clam strips and beer.

We saw lots of surfers along the beach. I hope their wetsuits were warm, because that water was frigid.

Jessica enjoys the salty sting of seaspray in her eyes.

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The Elms, the cottage built in 1893 for Cornelius Vanderbilt's grandson, is probably the most magnificent and opulent of all the Newport mansions--and these people know from magnificent and opulent.

No photos allowed inside, so we contented ourselves with a snap on the back lawn.

The detail on this lamp post is an example of the craftmanship that went into every aspect of the construction. As our tour guide said (ad nauseum): "Fabulous, don't you think?"

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