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Mulot was the best part of the trip. Carri's co-workers and neighbors made us a delicious dinner, and then their children put on a show for us. The next day we visited the village's primary school to plant trees and talk to the students about going to college and foregoing having children until later in life (it was what the head mistress wanted us to talk about). The students gave us gifts, and they were so cute, shy, and polite. Everyone shook our hand, even the littlest children. We also got to be a part of Carri's goodbye party, held at the local missionary. Everyone sang songs and gave us more gifts. It was great to hear people's speeches and see the positive impact Carri had made.

Carri's House in Molut

After-Dinner Entertainment

Jessica and Carri with Rocco and Raymond (children of Carri's co-worker)

Chebinyiny Primary School Students (click to see a greeting from the students!)

Chebinyiny Primary School Classroom

Receiving Gifts from the Chebinyiny Students

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