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After Kyoto, we continued our journey north. We stayed in Ichinomiya, outside of Nagoya, for two nights and visited our friends Emma and Eli. (Jessica and Emma went to high school together; Emma and Eli are getting married on our anniversary next summer!)

The first night out, we went to an izakaya (neighborhood pub) for some karaoke!

Our fellow singers…they took pictures of us, too, and requested John Denver.

Jesse won a prize! He's laughing because our singing was perhaps the worst this bar has ever experienced.

Thwarted in our efforts to see a baseball game (sold out, and just try to explain "ticket scalper" in Japan), we tried to find a sports bar (another concept that doesn't seem to have a direct Japanese equivalent), and settled on an imitation 50's diner. We found a book with a picture of Mickey's Diner in St. Paul!

Emma and Eli took us to their favorite night spot - a "Hawaiian Dining Bar".

Here's Jesse with the owner's wife, Mayumi. He got a bottle off a high shelf for her - astounding her with his American stature!

Jesse and the proprietor, Tatsuya.



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