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Interlude: In a country so different from our own, we were bound to find some interesting food…

Okay, not SO different from home…

In case you can't read the small, English print that's "Japanese Bust Pudding"

Green tea flavored shaved ice with sweet bean topping--Jesse's favorite!

Grilled eel - it was delicious

Rumor is, even their McDonald's are better than ours

Japan's answer to Mickey-Dee's - they were really good. Jessica got a shrimp-cake "burger."

Pumpkin custard served in an egg shell

In some restaurants, you order your food by punching your choice into a machine that spits out an order ticket to the kitchen.

Ramen - the real thing.

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Shabu-shabu: you cook vegetables and thinly sliced beef in boiling water and then dip it in wonderful sauces. It's kind of like fondue.

Tokyo bananas - they were like Twinkies with banana pudding in the center.

We liked menus with pictures - otherwise we had to resort to pointing at other tables.

They had the best vending machines! In the summer they sell cold beverages and in the winter they're filled with hot beverages. The selection also could not be beat.



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