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While in Miyajima, we stayed at Hotel Makoto, a medium-sized modern hotel modeled on a traditional Japanese inn, known as a ryokan. The hallmarks of a ryokan are rooms lined with tatami mats, elaborate hospitality, and a multi-course dinner called a kaiseki. Although the scale of this place was much larger than a true ryokan (which might have only 5 or 6 rooms), all of the other details were authentic, and we had a great time experiencing a slower, more traditional way of life.

Our main room, and the small sitting room next to it. Notice the absence of a bed.

The view from our room, over the houses of Miyajima.

Jessica prepares to sample the first course (with many more to come) of the kaiseki.

Our hostess graciously explained every dish and how we were to enjoy it. Unfortunately, she didn't speak a word of English, so most of the meal consisted of us smiling and thanking each other.

These beautiful little pieces had a chalky texture that we both found inedible.

While we dined, the staff laid down futon mattreses in our room. We're still not sure of the reason for the hole in the sheets.

We were both given traditional robes (Jesse's was a 3XL) to wear during our stay. We changed into them for our visit to the public baths at the hotel.

Breakfast the next morning included tofu, fish, and pickled vegetables. A little different from a typical American breakfast, but it gave us plenty of energy for the day ahead.

Their board welcoming guests included Jesse's name in Western script.



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