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We spent September 3-12, 2007, in Japan. We left Seattle on September 2 and, after a 9-hour flight and crossing over the International Date Line, we arrived at Tokyo's Narita Airport. Our plan was to start in the south of the country and make our way back north to Tokyo, so we connected to Tokyo Station and then caught a shinkansen (bullet train) to Hiroshima.

The bullet train

On the bus

"A-bomb dome" - the atomic bomb exploded almost directly over this building. The explosion was mostly directed horizontally, so that is why this building was left standing.

The Children's Memorial: Inspired by the story of Sadako, a little girl who eventually died of leukemia from the nuclear bomb, children from all over the world have sent paper cranes that fill the cases surrounding this memorial.

Memorial Peace Arch: Through the arch you can see the Flame of Peace, which will not be extinguished until the last nuclear weapon has been destroyed (keeping in mind that the Japanese conservative party is pushing for Japan to get its own weapons). Underneath the arch you can see a stone box that contains a registry of all of the know victims from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

After such a serious morning, we went for lunch!



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